Technical Guidance

The assessment of wildlife hazard on aerodromes is an approach governed by several international recommendations and several European or French statutory instruments. It is used to identify the wildlife species considered to be a problem for aviation safety on each aerodrome, based on the strikes in which they are involved and their year-round presence on aerodromes and their vicinity.

Wildlife hazard assessment follows a method developed by the STAC (French Civil Aviation Technical Centre) on aerodromes. This approach based on the measurement of an animal strike risk level and an animal danger level, should enable us to define courses of action graduated for each wildlife species present on aerodromes.

This technical document offers a risk assessment methodology which may be used by certified aerodrome operators to develop and implement their own wildlife hazard prevention programme.This report presents the findings of the test, showing that the signal “AIRBIRD – Birds of preys” was able to reduce the presence of birds of prey on the aerodrome and to disperse them away from the high risk areas.

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