AQUILA ima is a computer application developed by the STAC to assist airport staff in their daily animal risk management and evaluation tasks. Available on tablet and computer server, AQUILA ima software is a complete tool for:
 - notifying all animal control interventions and managing the various stocks of material;
 - entering animal collisions and automatically notifying PICA and all the organizations involved in this field (local civil aviation authority, airport operator: Safety Management Service (SGS), Animal Risk Prevention Service (SPPA)…);
- entering and mapping animal sightings and animal phenomena;
 - mapping the airport environment according to the CORINE BIOTOPE European nomenclature, as well as the zones posing a danger to aviation safety;

 - automatically and continuously measuring the animal risk via a gateway with the PICA software;
 - generating animal risk prevention activity reports.

The information is available from the STAC at the following address:

Updated on February 2 2018