Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

Technical Guidance

Investigations after an accident are an important part of the safety loop in the aviation world. This is why ATM data (conversation between ATC and pilots, coordination between ATC centers; radar data, weather data, flight plan information, etc…) must be recorded similarly as CVR and DFRD operates in the aircraft itself.

This guide addresses the technical and operational requirements related to the recording of Air Traffic Management data. Such requirements are applicable to any French Air Navigation Services following the publication of the French regulation named “Arrêté du 20 octobre 2004 relatif aux enregistrements des données relatives à la gestion du trafic aérien”.

The guide has been developed to be a guidance material for those providers. For this purpose, it includes technical interpretation of the regulation together with standard procedure and models of documents which may be used by the provider to comply with the regulation. It is split into 14 different chapters and 4 annexes :

  • 1. Introduction and objectives of the guide
  • 2. Glossary
  • 3. Procedure
  • 4. Setting up a recording system
  • 5. Checking of the conformity – Filling in the technical file
  • 6. Filling in the conformity statement
  • 7. Acknowledgement of receipt
  • 8. Operating the system
  • 9. Unavailability notifications
  • 10. Providing the records in case of investigation
  • 11. Providing the records for audits
  • 12. Audits
  • 13. Equipment qualification by STAC
  • 14. FAQ
  • 15. Customers feed-back
  • Annexe A – References
  • Annexe B – Detailed Objectives / Requirements
  • Annexe C – Synthesis
  • Annexe D – ANSP classification according to French criteria

Publication year 2009
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