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Study Report

Aircraft pavements are subject to periodic monitoring by using the method of the Service Index. This method requires a systematic survey of surface distress, whose analysis is used to calculate the superficial, structural and overall service indices of the pavements.

These surveys, which are currently performed by operators on foot, prove long and extremely resource intensive and besides may cause disruption to the operation of the aerodrome.

To improve the performance of the service index surveys and reduce or eliminate the hindrance caused to the airport operations, the STAC has initiated an approach with the Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering of Rouen (Normandy CETE Centre) to automatise the method based on existing high speed survey equipment used in the road sector in France and abroad. The report presents the findings of the feasibility study and experimentation carried out in 2009 and 2010

High speed surface condition surveying for aircraft pavements

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Publication year 2012
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