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Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

Guide technique

Document published as part of the Ground handling symposium organized by the Directorate of Civil Aviation Safety - December 10, 2015

Ground handling activities include all the services an aircraft needs during the time it remains on ground. These activities are also direct contributors to flight safety.

This guide aims at gathering commonly accepted procedures but also best practices and innovations in order to improve flights safety level. Proposed practices are presented so that they can be applied in various contexts and their adoption is up to each company in accordance with its own constraints and characteristics. Nevertheless, airports, airlines or regulations requirements should prevail.

A special attention was given to the illustrations and justifications of these practices with real examples which can easily be extracted to develop ground handling internal trainings.

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Éditeur STAC
Année de parution 2015
Format A4
Nombre de pages 76