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Since 2 January 2020, Air Navigation Service Providers shall comply with regulation (EU) 2017/373 of 1 March 2017, called IR ATM/ANS.
The French Civil Aviation Authority (DSAC), being the Competent Authority for French providers, wishes to support transition towards this new regulation by giving its interpretation of some key principles. For this purpose, the STAC, in accordance with DSAC, releases thematic notes which objective is to promote a common understanding between service providers and authorities.
The present thematic note deals with the “As safe as before” concept explicitly introduced in the requirement ATS.OR.210. Its aims at providing extensive interpretation of this requirement in order to define what is expected from ATS providers regarding safety criteria definition, and activities required to demonstrate that a change to the functional system is sufficiently safe.

Editeur STAC
Année de publication 2021
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Nombre de pages 40
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