Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

Rational methods for the dimensioning and auscultation of rigid aeronautical pavements.

Following on from its work on the dimensioning and auscultation of flexible airport pavements, the STAC is developing rational methods for the dimensioning and auscultation of rigid pavements.

These methods are based on thermomechanical models with elements finished in 3D, taking into account the geometry of the concrete slabs, including the geometric singularities constituted by the system for transferring load between slabs: sinusoidal conjugated joints and / or studs

Two modes of damage are considered: 1- brittle fracture due to excessive stresses in concrete, due to isolated or combined effects of mechanical and thermal loading; 2- a "fatigue" damage of sinusoidal joints (gradual degradation and appearance of play in the joint) or initiation and propagation of cracks in the stress concentration zones that constitute the studs:

The experimental validation phases of the thermomechanical model and of the damage models are based on the test campaigns carried out on the STAC instrumented test sheet and on the trial pavements subjected to in-situ accelerated fatigue tests coupled with the characterization results of the materials in the laboratory.

Updated on November 25 2022