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Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

As civil aviation technical centre of the French civil aviation authority, the STAC provides its technical expertise and support for airport and aeronautical matters on the whole national territory. Though attached to the air transport Directorate of the French Ministry in charge of transport, the STAC also provides assistance to the ministry for Defence.

The STAC is involved in the fields of airport infrastructure and equipment, air navigation, environment, air transport safety, and transport security. Its main activities are:

  • to develop and supply the technical expertise for the implementation of certifications, conformity controls and oversight required by the French regulation, in particular through contributions to technical audits or inspections;
  • to approve, certify or verify the performance of systems or equipment contributing to air transport safety or to security in all transport modes;
  • to contribute to the drafting of standards and technical regulations, and to the production and the dissemination of know-how and best practices at national and international levels;
  • to undertake research and experiments;
  • to ensure knowledge management ; to survey and assess scientific and technical progress related to its fields of expertise;
  • to evaluate and promote innovation;
  • to perform works on aerodromes within the framework of public policies relating to safety or security.

As a centre of expertise and resources, the STAC, in its fields of competence:

  • facilitates exchange of technical information in the corresponding professional networks;
  • participates to the international scientific and technical cooperation ;
  • supports professional education.

Updated on Nov 21 2022