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Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

In the civil air transport sector, around 1,200 animal encounters are registered each year in France. 700 of them occur within the volume of the airfield and mainly concern birds. 9% of the collisions are judged serious for air safety and caused structural damage and/or operating delays.

Since 1989, France has had a regulatory framework for the animal hazard prevention field in order to enable the implementation of efficient collision prevention and combating measures on airfields. In 2014, Europe, via EU regulation no. 139/2014, published new rules in this field, introducing requirements for the supervision of airfield edges and the management of animal hazards.

This regulatory mechanism, combined with the numerous national and international recommendations, have led to the defining of the main animal hazard management requirements as we know them today in France.

The STAC’s activities:

  • development of means of prevention
  • expérimentation of equipments
  • elaboration ofthcnical guides and methods
  • expertises, studies, advices
  • training
  • technical and scientific studies
  • management of the Programme d'Information sur les Collisions Animalières (PICA)

Updated on Nov 25 2022