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Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

The evaluation of the animal risk on airfields is a procedure covered by several international recommendations and regulatory European and French texts.

The method developed by the STAC makes it possible to identify, at each airfield, the animal species that pose a danger to aviation safety in view of the collisions they are involved in and their level of presence observed throughout the year within the airfield.

This animal risk prevention method is part of an ongoing aviation safety management process based on the measurement of the Animal Risk Level (NRA).

The NRC is obtained from the number of collisions recorded on the airfield and their severity computed at national level. The NDA is based on local animal sightings that can be entered in PICA by the user throughout the year.

The NRA is obtained by means of the calculation of the Collision Risk Level (NRC) and of the Animal Danger Level (NDA). This evaluation is done per airfield and at national level..

The STAC publiched in 2016. a technical guide : "Methodology for animal risk assessment on airfields"

Updated on Nov 25 2022