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Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

Technical Information

Arresting systems, such as net and cable systems, were initially developed for military applications, and are mainly used in naval aviation. In order to fulfil the requirements related to runway end safety areas (RESA), especially when the available room is limited, arresting solutions for civil aircraft are necessary.

The arresting nets were successfully tested in the Seventies with a Concord and a Boeing 707. However, further industrial research and development must be performed before considering their use on civil airports.

Engineered material arresting systems, such as Zodiac’s EMASMAX, are interesting for both their immediate availability and the predictability of the stopping distances. EMASMAX, already installed on about forty airports, is being evaluated in France, through a project for means of compliance to the RESA requirements.


Editor STAC
Publication year 2011
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