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Study Report

This report aims at analyzing the policy measures that could help reducing the contribution of aviation to climate changes.

The greenhouse effect and the impact of aviation on climate changes are first described. Such effect is greater than the effect stemming from CO2 emissions alone and will rise in the future.

An analyze of the progress lines which could allow for a reduction of the aviation impact on climate is then performed. This process however does not involve all the sector’s actors nor does it contemplate each of the impact of aviation on climate.

The third chapter provides for a typology and an assessment of policy measures.

Finally the report identifies the most promising measures such as the promotion of a common knowledge basis stemming from the IPCC work or an action on the impact of the persistent linear contrails.

In all and any case the French DGAC may play a central part and contribute to a cleaner aviation compliant with the environment principes.

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Editor STAC
Publication year 2010
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