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Study Report

This report on the evaluation of de-icing products performance is primarily intended for airport operators responsible for the implementation of winter maintenance operations on airfields.

Based on a series of harmonized and standardized tests implemented on runway deicing products used in France, this document completes current data available on the subject and allow airport managers in charge of deicing operations to compare each fluid and to improve their utilization.

12 off-the-shelf formulations (8 liquid and 4 solid) have been tested as part of this study. All the results are presented in this document, which is a baseline of technical knowledge enabling runway deicing operational procedures to be optimized, and air safety and environmental risks to be mitigated.

This issue has been reworked to include the following improvements:

  • the product data sheets are complemented by a report presenting and analyzing the main results, together with recommendations for use; this report is now the master part of this document,
  • all the “product data sheets” have been updated to include the results of new, standardized tests (self-ignition point, flash point, biodegradability, particle size, kinematic viscosity, etc.),
  • the “product data sheets” are now available for solid, sodium formate and acetate based formulations, and a liquid formulation produced by the agro-industry.

STAC received technical support for this study from the “winter maintenance – engineering and equipment” resource team of the Laboratoire Régional des Ponts et Chaussées in Nancy, France.

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