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Study Report

The reduction of the risk of bird strikes is a major challenge for the aviation industry and for the Civil Aviation Authorities. In early 2000, AIRBUS started a project to develop new repellent techniques to disperse birds away from aerodromes and reduce wildlife hazard. In order to assess the effectiveness of a visual signal (“AIRBIRD – Birds of preys”) designed to disperse birds of preys on aerodromes, AIRBUS started a collaboration with the Civil Aviation Technical Service (STAC). As part of this collaboration, a test of qualification of visual signal “AIRBIRD – Birds of preys” has been performed at the Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées airport.  

This report presents the findings of the test, showing that the signal “AIRBIRD – Birds of preys” was able to reduce the presence of birds of prey on the aerodrome and to disperse them away from the high risk areas.

Test de qualification du signal visuel « AIRBIRD - Rapaces » développé par AIRBUS

Editor STAC
Publication year 2018
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