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Technical Guidance

This technical guidance sets out the new French design methodology for new flexible airport pavements, implementing the last findings in pavement engineering. The validation of pavement structures is based on a mechanical design which is completed by frost-thaw verification.

This document constitutes a technical frame of reference which enables comprehending pavement design studies at best and with a unique approach. This is why elements relative to pavement foundation, surface course and pavement materials, are tackled complementarily to the design procedure itself.

The method has a vocation to be applied not only to the French airfields, but also abroad. Local specificities (climate, geotechnics, infrastructure management…) may be implemented by designers through various parameters.

Rational design methodology for flexible airfield pavement

Editor STAC
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-11-151660-1
Publication year 2016
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Pages number 138
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