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The assessment of biodiversity at aerodromes is an approach voluntarily implemented by aerodrome operators. It makes it possible to identify the habitats and animal and plant species and then to implement actions. This approach, which leads to a better understanding of the aerodrome ecosystems, makes it possible to optimize the prevention of wildlife hazard and makes it easier to take biodiversity into account when planning changes to the aerodrome.

The biodiversity assessment presented in this document is based on the measurement of several indicators that can be obtained through different inventory methods. This approach should enable the operator wishing to enhance the biodiversity present on the aerodrome to define a panel of actions adapted to the challenges of preserving the habitats and animal and plant species, taking into account air safety issues.

Evaluation et suivi de la biodiversité sur un aérodrome

Editor STAC
Publication year 2020
Format A4
Pages number 62