Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

Due to its extensive experience in the field of ATM / ANS technical system conformity record appraisal on behalf of supervisory authorities, the Air Navigation Division is called upon to assist these authorities in their operational supervision tasks as well as in the defining of the associated procedures.

The division also works on behalf:

  • of the DSAC (the French civil aviation supervisory authority), in particular in the preliminary analysis of the changes notified by the DSNA to determine whether the associated safety studies must be examined by the authority ; the division is also very frequently consulted on the development of change oversight procedures and is responsible for the design of interoperability supervision procedures.
  • of the FABEC NSA Committee (group of six FABEC supervisory authorities), as FABEC Administrator; in this context, the division moderates and coordinates the decisions that must be taken by the FABEC NSA Committee with respect to the changes notified by the FABEC’s ANSPs; it also leads the working group responsible for defining the procedures associated with the handling of these FABEC changes by the authorities.

Updated on November 25 2022