Because of its broad and significant experience in sometimes sophisticated areas, such as software safety, the division gives training on these topics or makes presentations for events.

Examples of projects:

  • "Dysfunctional analysis serving oversight" presentation by Laurent Plateaux and Romain BUFFRY (STAC) at the STAC technical day 2017
  •  “ ATM/ANS Interoperability – Light shed on the regulation” presentation at the STAC technical day 2013, in collaboration with the DSAC/ANA/SMN.
  • “Inclusion of software aspects in safety studies” at the SESNA course (Monitoring of air navigation security studies) in 2012, organized by the DSAC/ANA;
  • Security of ATM/ANS software compared to embedded software“ presentation at the STAC Technical Day 2011, in conjunction with the CEAT (DGA-Aeronautical Techniques);
  • “CNS/ATM systems” session at the EUROSAE AED 040 course “ Changes to avionics certification standards” in September 2011.

Updated on January 31 2018