Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)

Service technique de l'aviation civile

Because of its broad and significant experience in sometimes sophisticated areas, such as software safety, the division gives training on these topics or makes presentations for events.

Examples of projects:

  • "Dysfunctional analysis serving oversight" presentation by Laurent Plateaux and Romain BUFFRY (STAC) at the STAC technical day 2017
  •  “ ATM/ANS Interoperability – Light shed on the regulation” presentation at the STAC technical day 2013, in collaboration with the DSAC/ANA/SMN.
  • “Inclusion of software aspects in safety studies” at the SESNA course (Monitoring of air navigation security studies) in 2012, organized by the DSAC/ANA;
  • Security of ATM/ANS software compared to embedded software“ presentation at the STAC Technical Day 2011, in conjunction with the CEAT (DGA-Aeronautical Techniques);
  • “CNS/ATM systems” session at the EUROSAE AED 040 course “ Changes to avionics certification standards” in September 2011.

Updated on November 25 2022